Michael Buble wears a lock on his jeans because he's married to an Argentinean, of course

Michael Bublé showed up to The View on September 9 wearing a padlock on the fly of his jeans. The audience might not ever have known about it, but thanks to Sheri Shepard we all got to look at Bublé's padlocked ding a ling. What?! Who wears a padlock on their pants over their private parts and why? Well, when asked, Bublé made a joke about the lock being there because of his Argentinean wife, Luisana Lopilato. Lopilato may be right to keep her famous singin' hubby's family jewels under lock and key because Barbara Walters let it be known that she wants to take a look.


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It all kinda went down like this: Shepard said, "Why do you have a lock? Who put a lock on your jeans?"; new co-host Jenny MaCarthy said, "And can I get one for Donnie?" (referring to boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg); then naughty Barbara Walters adds, "You want the lock. I want the key!" You dirty bird, Barbara!

Bublé inferred that the lock was there because of his wife by saying, "It's obvious none of you have ever dated an Argentinean." Funny, but is that really a thing in Argentina? I've never seen anyone with a padlock on their privates. It really does make me want to see what's underneath. I mean is Bublé's penis covered in diamonds or something? I guess I'll never find out because I do not have a key to that lock.

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