Gwyneth Paltrow almost kills her kids after picking them up from school on a Vespa (VIDEO)

Oh boy, Gwyneth Paltrow had a mommy fail and a driving fail all at once. TMZ shared a video clip of Gwyneth Paltrow on a Vespa with her daughter Apple riding behind her. They're both wearing helmets. Doesn't sound too scandalous right? What is scandalous is Gwyneth's driving. Oh yeah, it's bad. I'm thinking she needs to go take a refresher course or something. Or hopefully, after the backlash from this incident, she'll realize she needs to be a more cautious driver in general and in particular when she's got precious cargo riding along with her. So what did Gwyneth do that has everyone thinking she's a reckless driver?


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Girlfriend cut off a school bus!!! Oh yeah! Paltrow was parked on the side of the road and pulls out into traffic WITHOUT LOOKING and cuts off a school bus. She and her daughter are lucky that the school bus driver was paying attention and is a better driver than Paltrow. The bus driver had the good sense to hit the brakes before anyone got hit. And what did Gwyneth do afterwards? Nothing! I don't even think she had any clue that she and her daughter came so close to seeing the underside of a school bus.

Right after Gwyneth zips away you see her husband, Chris Martin, on his own Vespa go after her. He did get to witness the whole thing and hopefully he gave Paltrow an earful so that she never takes off into traffic without looking again.

Images via Spash News and TMZ

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