Man seeing wife for the "first time" makes me wish he were my husband! (VIDEO)

Jason Mortensen was a little out of it when he his wife Candice videotaped him right after he had hernia repair surgery to fix residual tears from a previous surgery. He's laying in a hospital bed trying to eat a cracker and deal with his pain when he takes a look at his wife for what he thinks is the  first time. Oh, he's seen her before, he's just so drugged up he can't remember who she is and the results are not only hilarious, they are also sweet and romantic because he REALLY, REALLY likes what he sees and he's got no internal censor stopping him from saying exactly what he thinks.


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When he first looks at his wife, he's so taken by her that he says, "Did the doctor send you? Man you are eye candy!" When she tells him that he is married to her, he can not believe his good luck. After exclaiming, "You're my wife?! Holy shit!" He peppers her with questions about whether they have kissed yet and if they have kids together or if they call each other "baby." He even tries to get her to turn around so that he can check her out from behind as well.

It's really sweet and touching because he thinks his wife is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. I hope she plays this video the next time he pisses her off because this guy earned some major brownie points.

I don't know, this kinda makes me want to encourage my husband to get a hernia repair operation just to see what he really thinks of me.

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