The 5 funniest twerking fails EVER

By now I'm sure you've heard of the provocative booty gyrating dance called twerking which has caused quite the stir in the music world. If you caught the Miley Cyrus twerking disaster at the MTV VMA's this year then you know what I'm talking about. You've also probably seen the latest twerking fail brought to you by Caitlin Heller. Actually we learned it was all a prank set up between her and late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel! But still...

If you haven't seen her video then you're in for a hilarious treat. Plus, she's not the only twerker whose had her failed attempt go viral. 


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In Heller's video, she prepares a camera to record her dancing until she positions herself against a door and a friend opens it, causing her to fall onto a coffee table, and setting herself on fire with lit candles.Personally, I thought the video was a hoax at first, and it brought me relief to know that it was. Comedy mastermind Kimmel and Heller--who happens to be a professional stunt woman--had the world convinced that she was just another twerker with a failed dance performance.

I then searched high and lo to find the best twerking fails...and needless to say it felt like ocular rape. I mean, there was a 12-year-old girl who posted her twerking attempt online. Yep, THAT exists.

Hopefully twerking is short lived much like planking. For now, check out Heller's twerking fail and the rest below! 

Caitlin Heller burning up the dance floor (Full version with Jimmy Kimmel):

Abuela and dog interrupt twerk team dancing 

12-year-old twerker in training 

Girl gets lost twerking

And how can we forget Miley Cyrus' performance at the MTV VMA's...

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