Looks like Jennifer Lopez has yet another collaboration in the works! Rumor has it that singer is teaming up with Taylor Swift on a new song for her upcoming album.

According to a report by Us Weekly, the two chart toppers officially decided to join forces after Swift invited Lopez to appear as a guest performer during one of her recent shows in L.A. They sang J.Lo's 2002 hit "Jenny From The Block" ... and I guess there must have been some serious creative chemistry flowing because now they're apparently working together again.

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Hmm ... it looks like J.Lo is really pulling out all the stops with this album! I have to admit, though I would never have put these two together, I'm curious to see what their time in the studio together will result in. Given how dedicated their fan bases are, I have a feeling anything they produce will do well on the charts. And it's gotta be better than hanging out Chris Brown, whom Lopez previously announced she was working with.

Besides, though this match-up might be unexpected, it's not the strangest we've ever heard of. Below, check out six other weird musical collaborations, featuring Latino artists:

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram


Christina Aguilera & Tony Bennett 1

Christina Aguilera & Tony Bennett

Image via Getty Images

Aguilera and Tony Bennett recorded a duet of "Steppin' Out With My Baby" in 2006 and it appeared on his album Viva Duets in October of last year.


Pitbull & Priyanka Chopra 2

Pitbull & Priyanka Chopra

Image via YouTube

We all know Pitbull is pretty much the king of collaborations, but when this one with Priyanka Chopra came out earlier this summer, I couldn't help but feel confused. Talk about random!


Selena Gomez & Prince Royce 3

Selena Gomez & Prince Royce

Images via Telemundo and Getty

It was recently revealed that Gomez--who normally sticks to her more pop roots-- and Prince Royce teamed up and recorded a song together for his upcoming album!

Demi Lovato & Cher Lloyd 4

Demi Lovato & Cher Lloyd

Image via Twitter

Cher Lloyd appeared in the U.K's X-Factor before Demi Lovato was ever on the American version of the show, but the two managed to find each other for a song on Lovato's latest album anyway! Maybe Simon Cowell introduced them?


Jennifer Lopez, Will.i.am, Mick Jagger 5

Jennifer Lopez, Will.i.am, Mick Jagger

Images via Getty Images

These three teamed up for will.i.am's song "T.H.E." Though the track didn't make it on the album, a video for the song was released. Talk about an eclectic combo!


Marc Anthony & Cypress Hill 6

Marc Anthony & Cypress Hill

Images via Getty Images

Marc Anthony is featured on Cypress Hill's Armada Latina and apparently, even the duo themselves were surprised that he agreed to sing on the track. Ha! Pitbull also appears on the song.