5 Hilarious baby pouts that will make you smile (VIDEOS)

As every parent knows, babies sometimes have really unexpected reactions to the most random things. You just never know what will set them off!

Case in point? The little guy in the hilarious video below is apparently just NOT into soccer. In fact, when his dad even says the word "goal," he gets upset and makes a little pouty face that's sad but also so adorable and funny, you can't help but feel your heart melt. How can it not?! I mean, look at this baby boy's gloomy face. It's so darn cute.


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It just goes to show that though we obviously all love seeing a baby's smile or hearing their giggles, sometimes their little squishy pouts are just as irresistible. And when they make that face as a response to a word or phrase they happen not to like, then you really can't help but laugh a little. Below, check out this baby's hilarious reaction to soccer and 4 other babies with equally funny reasons for pouting:

1. Sorry dad, this baby is definitely not a soccer fan. It's football season, maybe try that instead?

2. When this adorable 5-month-girl hears her dad's scary laugh, she makes a pouty face that's so cute, you can't help but say AWWW.

3. This baby is definitely going to grow up to be a dog lover, as evidenced to his serious aversion to a cat's meow.

4. Most babies laugh when their moms blow a raspberry on their belly, but not this little guy!

5. Whatever you do, don't sing the Nationwide jingle to this 8-month-old boy!

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