It's not too late to celebrate Be Late For Something Day

Oh thank God I made it in time to tell you or remind you that it is Be Late For Something Day. Today (September 5, in case you are reading this late) is a very special day because you don't have to be a doctor to get away with being late. Why oh why are doctors always late?! I digress. The funny thing is that the people who really need this type of holiday already celebrate it all year long. They don't need a special day to be late for something, they just make being late a part of their everyday lives. I know because I was raised by a mother who is never on time.


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As the daughter of a woman who celebrates Be Late For Something Day daily, I was always the last kid to get picked up or the last kid to get dropped off. I was late 17 times to my first period class in junior high and when my teacher sent a note home, my mother wrote back and said that it was all her fault and it was. One time she got me to a birthday party so late that there wasn't even any birthday cake left. Sigh.

The effect this had on me is that I am always early to everything, sometimes ridiculously so. The other day, my kids and I showed up early to a birthday party. No big deal, I thought, I'm always early, but then when no one showed up I looked at the invitation again and it turns out I was a whole day early. Sigh.

So today I'm giving myself permission to be late for something and not feel guilty about it at all because my excuse will be, I'm late because I'm celebrating Be Late For Something Day.

For those of you who are late on a regular basis, go on about your business, but for those of you like me who are perpetually early, give yourself a break today, don't beat traffic, don't show up to your doctor's appointment 15 minutes early just to wait for them to be late. Let yourself be late today and if you are early, just hide somewhere until you are late and then walk in.

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