Chiquis Marin's voice coach says she'll go further than mom Jenni Rivera (VIDEO)

It's FINALLY been confirmed that Chiquis Marín Rivera, Jenni Rivera's oldest daughter, is going to dive head first into a music career and has been taking intensive classes with the hopes of releasing her own album very soon!  

On top of that, her singing coach, musician Julio Reyes, told Sal y Pimienta that Chiquis' voice is so strong that she has "everything she needs to surpass all of her mother's accomplishments." And that wasn't even the most shocking news... 


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"Chiquis is a super talented young woman. The first time that I heard her, she sounded so much like her mother that it gave me goosebumps." said Reyes. "Saying who sings better is something that is very subjective, but Chiquis has it in her to be even bigger than her mom," he gushed.

Just so that we all understand: The expert thinks that Chiquis can be EVEN BIGGER than La Diva de la Banda. I guess we're going to have to give her a listen!

If Chiquis has even half the talent of her mother and just a quarter of her work ethic, she is basically guaranteed huge success! Her mom Jenni had to start from scratch, in an industry that openly rejected women, especially women who didn't look like the Barbies and supermodels that are considered "traditionally beautiful."  La Diva de la Banda already built a strong base for her daughter to stand upon. On top of that, thanks to her mom, Chiquis already has instant recognition on her side.

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The most moving part of the whole interview though was when Reyes admitted: "You can really see Jenni when Chiquis sings." I can imagine it's true! Chiquis definitely shares mannerisms and a way of speaking with her mother.

I must admit that I've been a bit skeptical about how the Rivera family has been managing La Diva's legacy since her death. But, I would really love to hear her daughter sing and see her on the big screen playing her own mother in a biopic.


"Estamos haciendo una progresión musical rara, medio bluesona medio reggae.... porque queremos, yo, junto con los productores, que las canciones aporten algo al género, una búsqueda nueva", afirma Reyes. - See more at:
la prestigiosa Berklee College of Music, situada en Boston - See more at:
la prestigiosa Berklee College of Music, situada en Boston - See more at:

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