It's true: Selena Gomez and Prince Royce, TOGETHER!

This is soooo cute! Really cute! Prince Royce and Selena Gomez finally met up, after years of sending each other messages with bloguers, reporters and on screen. All that flirting between the two gorgeous and talented Latino stars seems to have paid off: They did it! I could not believe it when I heard about it, because they have kept it very quiet, but it's true. El príncipe de la bachata bilingüe himself confirmed and tweeted the proof.


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They recorded a song together "Already Missing You", the 7th track to Royce's new album "Sigo siendo el mismo" (I'm still the same). To create some buzz in social media, the Dominican-American singer has launched a contest in Twitter, that requires the fans to retweet his tweet, to unlock different songs.

"The name of the album reflects how I'm feeling right now," Royce said to the Associated Press. "This success has been a blessing and I'm very thankful to my fans, but I'm still the same person".

"It's an organic album, we recorded everything live. We dedicated lots of work and time, much more than any of my previous work. I experiment with the genre (Bachata music) and watch for the public's reaction. If they don't like it, I wonder 'how can I change it so they like it'. If they do, then it's : 'How do I do it again, but differently?," he said explaining his creative process. I can just say: WOW! "Sigo siendo el mismo" comes out on October 8.

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As you see, he is keeping the deal with Selenita very close to his vest. It does not surprise me. Look what he said in 2011 to Latina magazine: "I don't know how you people find these things out, but yeah I have a crush on her. She's beautiful. Who wouldn't have a crush on that girl?" I have inside information that he had been asking for her info and apparently he got it, because this is what Selena answered when asked about the topic:  "You know what?...Can you tell him that I had his email and my email got hacked, so I had to change my email?... I feel really bad that I don't have his email anymore, so please tell him that I'm sorry and that I think he's really cute too!" INTERESTING. Right?

I think the song is probably amazing and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a romantic relationship there. I mean, don't you think they would look great together. They could be the first Latino power couple of the music industry, after Gloria and Emilio Estefan. And, no ofense, but the would be several staircases (many, many steps) above "you know who". Just saying!
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