Clint Eastwood and his Latina wife, Dina Eastwood, could be heading towards divorce! The former Mrs. Eastwood & Company star herself confirmed to Us Weekly that she and her husband of seventeen years have separated. Oh, say it ain't so!


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According to the magazine, the two remain close but allegedly broke up in June of 2012 and have been living apart for a while. They have one child together, 16-year-old Morgan.

Personally, I definitely did not see this coming at all! Having been married for almost two decades (which is practically unheard of in Hollywood), the Eastwoods were one of the few celebrity couples that seemed to really know how to make a longstanding relationship work. Although I know they haven't officially divorced yet and I hope they will work it out, I can't help but feel saddened for the two of them and their family.

Still, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised--after all, there have been plenty of unexpected celebrity splits before!

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