Dad masters art of soothing crying toddler in hilarious video you must see! (VIDEO)

Every parent knows that getting a toddler to stop crying is no easy feat. But it looks like the dad in this super funny viral video has it down to a science!

The hilarious clip captures multiple instances in which an adorable little girl starts crying and is just on the verge on a full-fledged tantrum when her dad steps in. So how exactly does this father manage to stop his daughter's tears every single time? Find out after the jump!


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In order to get his little girl to stop crying, this dad uses the tried-and-true method of...distraction! As soon as she starts tearing up, he directs her attention elsewhere by asking her a question, like "What sound does a cow make?" And it works! Every single time, without fail, the girl instantly forgets what she was upset about and stops crying in order to answer him. "Moooo!" she replies into the camera.

Haha! How adorable is that?! Hey, it might not be the most creative of methods, but it apparently gets the job done. And lucky for us, this dad was also smart enough to get it on all on tape. Trust me, the video is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!


Image via YouTube

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