Normally parents don't mind taking their kids to work, but on-air TV anchor Lena Alwash probably wishes she'd kept hers home. During a broadcast on Morocco's Medi 1 station, Alwash is seen reporting on a serious news story, and as we all know when a show is live, it can't be edited. In that moment, her daughter appears creeping up behind her and what happens next is pretty funny.

Let me just put it this way, this kid probably got a LONG timeout when her mom got a hold of her.

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I'm sure being a TV reporter is hard work--you have to be on point all the time with your stories, know how to improvise, and most importantly remain composed. The video shows Alwash focused on her news report until her small daughter sneaks up up behind her and then places her cell phone on the anchor desk. Within seconds she scampers off ... because I'm sure she knows what she did was BAD.

Unlike most moms who would yell at their kids or chase after them, Alwash manages to be as professional as possible, and continues with the broadcast without as much as blinking an eye. I must say I'm impressed because I would not have reacted the same way. Next time Alwash should make sure someone on the TV crew keeps an eye on her daughter to avoid other interruptions!

To check out the hilarious boo-boo, watch the video below!

Image via MSN

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