5 Things you should NEVER say to a Mexican mamá

Let me tell you something, I've always had a lot of white friends. Why wouldn't I? It makes sense that growing up in the United States, I would have friends of all backgrounds because we're lucky that way in the U.S. We are blessed with diversity. Granted some places are more diverse than others, but being an American of Mexican descent raised in California, I got to be friends with all sorts of people, many of them white.

I'm telling you about my white friends because sometimes without meaning to, my white girlfriends have said things to me that, well they never should have said. So I thought I'd share with you a short list of things no one (white girls included) should never say to Mexican mamás.


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Now keep in mind that I'm sharing these things with you not because I'm so ANGRY that I've ever had to hear them. Nope, that's not it at all. I'm sharing them because I have to laugh at them. Some of them just come from a place of non-malice bearing ignorance. Sometimes you just don't know things until someone teaches them to you.

  • "But you don't look Mexican" (I still get this one and actually, I do look Mexican, I just don't look like a convenient stereotype).
  • "So your family is Mexican, what part of Spain are you from?"
  • "Can you read this? It's in Spanish. Oh shit, I'm sorry, you speak Mexican, not Spanish, right?"
  • "Is it racist to call you Mexican?"
  • "So people from El Salvador aren't Mexican? What are they then?"

I told you, sometimes you just have to laugh. So I laugh and then explain what's funny about what was just said to me. Sometimes people just don't know until you help them learn. Live and learn! And laugh, too, otherwise you might cry.

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