Royal baby photos are here! Prince George's abuelo shares first pics

Four weeks after Prince George was born to Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, the first official photos of this royal bundle of joy have been released! The much anticipated photos were taken by Michael Middleton, Kate's father, and they show a loving family. I think it is beyond sweet that this family decided to have abuelo take the first photos introducing their baby to the world and I am beyond shocked that there are actually people out their criticizing the photos because of technique. Are you kidding me?! I am beyond appalled.


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No, the pictures are not perfect. The lighting isn't ideal, but WHO CARES?!!! How can you possibly miss the beauty of this family being photographed by the baby's grandfather? It is a touching and historical moment. They are the  kinds of photographs that will be much more treasured in years to come, not because of their perfection or professional manipulation, but because of who took them!

Ugh!!! Honestly, I'm a little surprised that I am so angered by the criticism, but I just find it completely out of line.

So what exactly have people been saying?

Well, here are a few examples of meaness tweeted by @LewisWhyld on Twitter:

Lets be honest the new Royal baby photos are not very good, you know, photographically. If you're ill see a doctor, not a mate. Expertise.

@adamblenford yes, the light is terrible. The memory is captured but it's just not very beautiful. A shame and a missed opportunity.

I wonder if the next portrait of The Queen will be painted by Kate's dad.

Really?! Now in case you are wondering who Lewis Whyld is, he is a professional photographer and I have no doubt he could have taken technically more proficient photos than Abuelo Middleton did of Prince George, I also think he needs to be more gracious. For crying out loud, it's not a missed opportunity, it's an opportunity seized. That baby will be photographed professionally countless times. How many times will the public actually get a chance to see pictures taken of the child by someone who actually LOVES him and isn't just making money off him?

If you ask me, the pictures are lovely because of the subject and who took them. I'm glad the Royals decided to be "real" instead of just hiring someone to make them look "perfect." Also, Abuelo Middleton, please ignore what haters are saying, your pictures are just FINE! I'm sure you were much cheaper than a professional photographer. You are more than welcome to photograph me and my family.

Images via Michael Middleton

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