Selena Gomez on Justin Bieber breakup songs: "It was really liberating"

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have long been broken up, but there have been rumors that the two are reconciling. However, that buzz can be put to rest (sort of) as Gomez has revealed in an interview that singing about her break-up has been difficult. Her latest album Stars Dance, contains two tracks, "Love Will Remember" and "Forget Forever" which she has shared in interviews were about ex-beau, Bieber.

As all break-ups go, accepting the reality of a relationship being over is not only heartbreaking, but it can be hard to face as Selena states.


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In an interview with Saturday Night Online, the singer admitted that "Love Will Remember" and "Forget Forever" were the hardest songs to sing on her album, but they helped her move on. "It was really liberating," she explained.

She also describes them as strong, emotional, but fun tracks to record. Selena mentioned in an interview with InStyle magazine that "Love will Remember" was especially meaningful to her.

Obviously, "Love Will Remember" is a personal song to me and I don't really need to say anything. I think my fans will get it. I think people will figure it out themselves. I'm sure he'll like it too.

If you listen to the tracks, particularly "Love Will Remember," you can hear a voicemail by Bieber where he calls her the "love of his life" and his "princess." However, the song doesn't focus on how great he was, but instead how he broke promises and may have been one of the reasons for the breakup.

Oh well, the last thing Selena wants to do is be with a guy who can't even keep his promises to her. Imagine if she'd stayed with him and then realized he couldn't make a long-term commitment by the time it was too late? If singing about the breakup is therapeutic and helps the healing process, then by all means she should continue to do it. As time passes she'll  see that Bieber wasn't as great as she thought and hopefully by then our Selenita will have met a guy that is worthwhile.

You can check out the tracks below!

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