Chiquis about Jenni Rivera: "My mom wasn't in love with Esteban Loaiza"

Chiquis Marín is once again making huge and harsh revelations about her family, but this time she spoke about the "love" that her mom Jenni Rivera had for her ex, Esteban Loaiza at the time of their marriage.

I'm not surprised one bit by what she's saying, since as we found out just a few days ago, the baseball star ex has been going downhill and was most recently arrested in Tijuana in the company of some prostitutes. La Diva de la Banda's firstborn daughter confirmed a sad confession her mom made in her recently released memoir ...


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Chiquis said that her mom's huge revelation in her memoir Unbreakeable about not being in love with Loaiza when they got married didn't surprise her. Jenni confessed that she never loved him, actually.

"It wasn't surprising. My mom did appreciate him a lot, but she wasn't in love," Chiquis said about Jenni's feelings on a Mexican television show. The 27-year-old eldest daughter of La Diva de la Banda also talked about her former stepdad's new attitude. She said she practically didn't know him anymore.

Among other things she discussed was her desire to visit the site of her mom's death, on the Mexican mountainside in Iturbide, Nuevo León that is close to becoming a tourist attraction. "I don't think people should pay to visit. I that if people go and they have to pay, it's going to be almost disrespectful to us, to our family," she said about the current mayor's bid to create the park. "I know my mom would not like that."

Bueno, as it's become clear, everyone wants a piece of the Jenni Rivera tragedy these days ...

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