Couple finds love thanks to their adorable seeing eye dogs! (VIDEO)

Rodd and Venice are two dogs that fell in love with each other while they were completing a seeing-eye-course for dogs in Shrewsbury, England in March 2012. The training course was intense and involved almost 14 hours of training a day for 12 days straight. The dogs' owners had no time for romance, but even when they would try to keep the dogs apart, the dogs would find each other, snuggle under a table, and make-out by giving each other doggie kisses. You just can't fight a love like that and in the end these dogs' love story gets even better!


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The love between these two dogs is cute, but now their visually impaired owners, 50-year-old Claire Johnson and 52-year-old Mark Gaffey, have fallen in love with each other. Both dogs and humans will be walking down the aisle soon and celebrating a marriage ceremony.

Now the dogs won't be married because as far as I know, dogs can't get married, but their owners can. Claire and Mark will be getting married and Rodd and Venice will participate in the ceremony by walking down the aisle with their harnesses decorated with flowers. The reception will boast a cake embellished with bones and paw prints.

Here's how puppy love led to human love: Once the strenuous training course ended and more weeks of training had been completed, which qualified Johnson and Gaffey to take their dogs on outings, they got together with their dogs to have coffee. One coffee date led to more, until Johnson and Gaffey ended up going on a date without their dogs.

Eventually, Gaffey sent a text message to Johnson: "If you'd let me, I could make your world a whole lot happier." Gaffey ended up proposing to Johnson on the British show Me and My Guide Dog.

Doggone it, if that isn't the sweetest love story I've ever heard.

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