'Orgasm Wars' is the craziest reality TV show EVER (NSFW GRAPHIC VIDEO)

My jaw is on the ground and I may never be able to pick it back up off the floor, not after what I have seen. I mean, I watched it, but I still can't believe it.

So, there is this new show called Orgasm Wars...and it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. 


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It is a Japanese game show where two opponents face off. One is determined to give the other one an orgasm, while the other is determined not to have an orgasm. It's a constant battle of, "I will make you come" and "I will not come!"

I mean, come on!!! In the segment I saw (video below) a very heterosexual Japanese porn star who has never been with a man is competing against a chubby man who is proudly homosexual. The porn star and opponent meet at the beginning and playfully talk smack to each other.

Later the porn star stands inside of a box that provides strategic cover and his worthy opponent takes to his knees to perform a blow-job. Before you know it, the orgasm war has commenced and the porn star is treated to moves that his opponent calls the "High Speed Vacuum" and the "Throat Hold." In the end there is a winner, but I'm not going to tell you who it is.

I am astounded that this crazy idea could actually be turned into "entertainment" with willing participants and an audience. I'm even more astounded that I watched it, now that I've seen it, I can't possibly forget it.

Be warned, it's CRAZY!!! Do not watch this at work, do not watch this with kids around. You maybe might not want to watch it at all, but here it is in case you do...

Image via YouTube

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