New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez, who is one of the best paid athletes in history, has become the disgraced face of baseball players who use drugs to enhance their performance. But today Major League Baseball punished Rodriguez with the maximum suspension in the history of sports: 211 games, which will carry over until next year.


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The ruling, announced by Major League commissioner Bud Selig, will probably define A-Rod's career, which includes 647 home-runs, three years of MVP awards, and, of course, the MLB's biggest salary. This ruling will probably even overshadow the Dominican slugger's famous girlfriends, among them Madonna, Kate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz. But A-Rod isn't the first or the last celeb who has metido la pata. No, that list is quite long!

Rodriguez has announced that he's appealing the decision and his suspension, which comes about because of his involvement with Biogenesis, where athletes reportedly scored performance-enhancing drugs--which is why he'll still be playing tonight.

I would never want my boys to think that's it's right to take drugs to get better results when playing, as it seems A-Rod, Lance Armstrong, and other have done. I know competition is hard, but they should at least think of the kids that look up to them!

Here are six other celebs or public figures who have fallen from grace for other types of scandals:

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