Sexual harassment allegations against Piolin may explain Univision's sudden firing

Apparently, the reason Univision abruptly and unceremoniously cancelled their hit morning radio show El Piolín por la mañana was because of serious sexual harassment allegations against Eddie "Piolín" Sotelo by one of his male employess. Yup, amigas, a man. I was afraid that something like this was happening!

Sotelo's lawyers claim that the accusations are all part of an extortion plot, because the man at the center of the scandal had worked with Sotelo for 10 years ... but in reality, you just never know. The truth of the matter is that with this information, it makes sense why Univision dropped Sotelo like a hot potato. Even if he turns out to be innocent, huge corporations always fear that accusers will end up suing them also in cases like these. This is truly a shame!


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An investigation into the matter by the L.A. Times revealed that writer, producer and performer Alberto "Beto" Cortez was claiming that Sotelo was "physically, sexually and emotionally harassing" him for three years.

The allegations were formally made in a letter sent to the high-level execs at Univision on April 16. Aside from this, Cortez alleges that Sotelo made his team falsify letters sent to Congress supporting immigration reform (an issue Sotelo was outspoken about on his radio show).

A lawyer for Sotelo calls the letter "fiction," but I'm sure that the execs at Univision must have found some thread of truth to the whole thing because they canceled the show and that was that.

In the letter, Cortez alleges that the Univision executives knew about what Sotelo was doing, but they ignored him because he was the so-called hen with the golden eggs. I don't really know what to think. The only thing that's strange is that Piolín himself hasn't said a peep for about 10 days now. Let's wait and see as the plot continues to thicken...

Image via Univision Radio

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