Juan Pablo Galavis could be the first Latino 'Bachelor'!

Could a Latino be named the next Bachelor? All signs are pointing to yes! Rumor has it that Venezuelan stud Juan Pablo Galavis is close to signing on to the season 18 of the hit ABC reality show.

Galavis previously appeared on the last season of The Bachelorette but failed to win oveer Desiree Hartsock. Now, a source has revealed to E! News that he is reportedly being offered the lead and his own chance at finding love. Well, it took them long enough!


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"He's been told the gig is his if he wants it," the source said. "He's definitely interested and will most likely accept, although nothing's been signed yet."

If he does sign on, it would mark a major turning point for the show, which has received criticsm in the past for failing to cast minorities and has never chosen a Latino lead in all seventeen seasons.

Still, nothing is totally sure yet. In fact, Galavis, who is a single dad to a young daughter, has already stated that he would find it "pretty tough" to try to date and get to know 25 women at once. "I hate looking at girls," he told E!. "It'll be very tough. I have a family, my daughter. Being away from her was very tough."

To be totally honest, I am not a big fan of these shows and have never really spent any time watching them. That being said, I have always thought that it's pretty ridiculous that they very rarely seem to feature minorities and would be excited to see a Latino finally get cast--especially one who was a clear audience favorite, like Galavis. Guess we'll have to wait to see what happens!

Image via ABC

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