Jenni Rivera's ex Esteban Loaiza is arrested & found with prostitutes

Esteban Loaiza, Jenni Rivera's ex husband, was arrested Thursday morning in the red zone of Tijuana, Mexico for public intoxication, while he was with some friends and apparently a couple of prostitutes. Oh man, his poor mom. After being a huge baseball star and a source of pride for his family and Mexico, he's now going from scandal to scandal

I mean, I see that when some men are upset about something, they turn to alcohol to forget their problems, but I've never understood why they choose to embarrass and sadden everyone that loves them. The former baseball star was not only booted by Jenni last year, but he was the center of huge speculation about what the reasons were behind the disintegration of his marriage to la Diva de la Banda. Besides, his efforts to get back to his baseball career have been going ... let's just say not well at all.


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According to daily El Sol de Tijuana, Esteban had been involved in a fight at well-known local bar Hong Kong, in the so-called "tolerance zone" of Tijuana. Esteban, his friends, and his, ahem, other company, left the bar with several glasses full of alcohol, something that's strictly prohibited by local laws. Police detained them and they were later arrested. Afterwards, a judge found them guilty of breaking the law, a sort of minor administrative mistake, and ordered them to pay a fine of 13 minimum wages, which add to $400 Mexican pesos (something like $31 dollars) and they were let go.

The "tolerance zone" in Tijuana is known for its low-brow bars and other similar distasteful business establishments, open 24 hours a day. It's an area of all-day and all-night parties, where almost everything goes. To start a huge ruckus in the middle of the street while your'e holding liquor in hand, apparently isn't one of the things that ARE tolerated though. Mexican mag Proceso confirms that Esteban's friends were indeed prostitutes, and that the group was acting crazy enough to get the attention of police, who in a place like this must have seen it all. So let's just say it was bad.

I'm not sure if I should feel disgusted or pity for this man. Maybe a little of both. Esteban was fired from the Mexico City baseball team Los Diablos for his unsatisfactory performance on the field. He was just hired by the Delfines from Ciudad del Camen in Mexico. This can't be good for someone who's played for the American Major Leagues. And I keep asking myself, why did he even go back to baseball?

Ever since Jenni left him, he has done nothing but make mistakes. I hope he gets his life in gear, although the way he's been acting lately--including all those scandals with the ladies--I feel like la Diva de la Banda was 100 percent right in kicking him to the curb!

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