The 5 most epic public meltdowns of all time (WARNING: NSFW VIDEOS)

Is it me or does it seem like there have been a whole lot of crazies captured on tape lately? In the past few days alone, two different videos of grown women throwing full-on tantrums because they didn't get their way have the masses and quickly gone viral.

Yesterday, it was the wife who basically lost her mind after her husband decided to finish his household chores instead of taking her to the lake and today, yet another clip of an adult woman going crazy at an Apple store employee anyway is making its rounds on the Internet. Seriously, what is up with these people anyway?!  


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Unfortunately (well, fortunately for us, because we just get to watch the crazy and not live with it), these two are far from the only people to lose their cool and get captured on tape doing so. Below, check out five of the best public meltdowns EVER (WARNING: NSFW):

1. Husband films his soon-to-be ex-wife (that's right, they're getting divorced! Can't imagine why...) having a tantrum.

2. Woman goes crazy at Apple store employee after she's told she needs an appointment.

3. Woman goes on profanity-laden rant after Dunkin Donuts employee forgets to give her a reciept.

4. Earlier this summer, 24-year-old Yeiner Garizabalo paraded around Chicago's 16th street BART station naked and began jumping on people, for no apparent reason.

5. Last year, a Brazilian woman was caught on tape destorying her boyfriend's car after she found out he was cheating!

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