'Piolín por la manaña' abruptly canceled by Univision & it makes NO sense!

English speakers have Howard Stern, Latinos had legendary Eddie "El Piolín" Sotelo. I say "had" because Univision has confirmed the sudden and unexpected cancellation of one of the most popular shows of its vast radio network. Shocking!

Before I go on, I have to admit that I have never heard a whole show of El Piolín en la mañana. It's just not my style, but Eddie Sotelo was widely loved and I don't think it's crazy to say that something must have happened to provoke such a drastic decision. Only last Thursday, he won a Premios Juventud as the best DJ!


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El Piolín was as controversial as they come. His show was often unstructured, funny, crude, informative, crazy and even educational. I often thought that he was lucky the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) didn't seem to have officials that understood his particular brand of Spanish.

Sotelo's style had mass appeal among Mexicans and Mexican Americans, very raunchy with a touch of substance. He interviewed President Barack Obama three times and is on the list of this year's inductees in the National Radio Hall of Fame. Quite an honor! I loved that his cry of war was inspirational. He often asked on the air: "¿A qué venimos a este país?: A triunfar." (Why did we come to this contry? To succeed).

According to the latest ratings reports--provided by Arbitron--Sotelo's show  fell last month to the second place, after Gerardo "El Mandril" Sánchez's show of regional Mexican music, but El Piolín was still getting around 3.5 million listeners--hardly a cause of the cancellation, particularly without any kind of send-off party or acknowledgment on behalf of Univision for all the years of service. El Piolín en la mañana had been on the air since 2003. The radio affiliates leaned about the news via email. 

I feel bad that El Piolín didn't even get to say good-bye to his fans on the radio. Now there is only music. The whole thing seems off. Born in Jalisco, México, Sotelo came to the U.S. as an undocumented teenager. He made it on his own and I admire him for it. I honestly hope that is departure from the airwaves is not due to a personal mistake. In the meantime: ¡Piolín, buena suerte y gracias!

Image via Univision Radio

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