Celebrities tend to be glamourized and written about in tabloids everyday that we tend to forget that they had a life before the fame. After all our roots are what represent who we really are and it's something that even celebrities can't forget. They too have their own mementos that keep them grounded. 



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Take for example, Jessica Alba. She might be rich and famous now, but growing up she had a childhood just like you or I. In fact, we dug up some of our fave celebs baby pics and want to play a little game with you...

One of the best things about getting to know a celebrity is learning where they came from and what they were like before they were famous. So, we rounded up some of our favorite Latino celebs #TBT photos and some of them are unrecognizable! We don't want to give any away, so you have to check out the gallery for yourself.

Let us know which celebrities you could figure out!  

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