This is not going to be a polite post and I'll tell you why because it is inspired by an impolite paparazzo jerk who called Suri Cruise a "bitch" or at least that's what I thought until I watched the video a million times. Regardless, it's still totally inexcusable behavior. And I'm busting out the insults because he is a grown-ass man being rude to and yelling at a child!

What exactly did Suri Cruise do to provoke this man-brat to call her names? She was exiting a building with her mother and a young friend, and they were headed to their SUV. Swarmed by paparazzi, Suri seems exasperated and says, "Get out of the way." Can you blame her?

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As she gets into the SUV, the moron-paparazzo in the crowd says, "Bye, Suri. You little brat." Then you hear Suri say, "Stop it!" A reasonable man in the crowd tries to stop the moron from taking it further explaining that when you are a father it's different. The moron will hear nothing of it and says, "I don't care she's rich though, little brat kid!"

I'm not saying that the paparazzo insulting Suri isn't a jerk, he undeniably is, but I have to say that I don't agree with other sources who are reporting that Suri was called a bitch. If you listen the guy says, "She's rich though, little brat kid." There is no "a" after the word "she" and I hear "rich" not the b-word. Bitch is more sensationalistic, but I don't think it is correct.

What do you hear?

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YES! Exactly - I was waiting for someone to [oint that out,,,, still highly rude
From what I understood, it was not one of the paparazzi themselves who said this to her, but some jerk who decided to swarm around the paparazzi. It was the paparazzi that stood up for her. Poor girl. :-/
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