Shakira wins lawsuit against ex Antonio de la Rua & it's about time!

Shakira has officially gotten her ex, Antonio de la Rúa, off her back! Well ... legally, that is. A judge declared the singer the winner in a lawsuit filed by her former boyfriend, ruling that De la Rúa has no claim to her fortune.

Finally! Seriously, it's about time all of that unnecessary drama came to an end. Read on to find out the ruling from the judge that's SWEET poetic justice for our Shaki!


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"In a fifteen page well-reasoned opinion the Swiss court dismissed all of Mr. De la Rúa's claims that he was entitled to any participation in Shakira's past, current or future business, brand or assets, including future income," the singer's attorney, Ezequiel Camerini, said in a statement to E! News.

The lawyer also maintained that Shakira and De la Rúa had signed a "prenuptial-type agreement applicable to unmarried couples" in which they agreed to keep all of their assets separate. The final decision comes just days after a court filing from Shakira's camp revealed personal emails in which De la Rúa admitted that he never had a stake in any of her companies.

De la Rúa is reportedly not planning on appealing the court's decision.  

I'm just glad that this whole ordeal is finally over, for Shakira's sake. It must have been so frustrating for all this to have been dragged, even as she moved on with her new family. Personally, I think De la Rúa should've let it go a long time ago, especially considering he has also entered a new relationship and welcomed a child since their breakup. Still, it looks like all's well that ends well! Now, Shakira can put this in the past and focus on the things that matter--Gerard and little Milan and her highly anticipated upcoming album!

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