Jenni Rivera would have turned 44 yesterday and it's not just her family that misses her like crazy--her fans haven't stopped organizing events every month on the date of her death. I even dare to say that the showbiz journalists who wrote about her every step miss her as well.

La Diva de la Banda was one of those women larger than life, who wasn't happy with just being a star. She wanted to be an inspiration to all around her, a living proof that you can always recover from a fall, defeat a bad situation and even bad people.


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To celebrate her birthday and her legacy we put together the main reasons we and all her fans miss her. Feel free to add more if  you also miss her for something else.

1. She always told it like it was and wasn't shy of a fight if she considered neccesary.

2. Althought not always flattering, she had a fun sense of style.

3. She always included a great song about women overcoming adversity in her albums.

4. We would have LOVED to have seen her achieve her dream of being a talk show host. Can you imagine her outrageous comments and the great people she could have had as guests?

5. She was preparing to star in the first sitcom with a Latina as the main character.

6. Jenni was starting to experiment with retail. I wish she could have developed more clothes for the Latina body.

7. We won't get a another season of her fun reality show, I Love Jenni.

8. She was starting to develop her own recording company and had scouted her first talent. I can only dream of how many Latino artists could had gotten a chance with La Diva de la Banda.

9. I hate to see her kids and her mother so heartbroken.

10. Her charity work inspired many to be more generous and help.

Imagen via Facebook

Any reasons that we didn't list for missing la Gran Señora?

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Any reasons that we didn't list for missing la Gran Señora?

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on Jul 20, 2013 at 7:37 PM
I miss Jenni but i know that she sing in heaven for God And Jesus and all of the angels... I get to celebrate every year with my sister and her hubby anniversary on Jenni's birthday. I miss u Jenni...
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