Benjamin Bratt is the hottest villain EVER! (VIDEO)

Can a man be cuter than when talking about his kids? Well yes, when the dad is Benjamin Bratt explaining how playing the bad guy in Despicable Me 2 earned him points in the eyes of his kids, 11-year-old Shopia and 7-year-old Mateo.

"I've never been the cool dad in my kids' eyes, I've just been dad, but now we're talking world-class cool because I'm in one of their favorite movie franchises," said Benjamin while promoting the movie, in which he gives voice to Eduardo, a Mexican villain known as El Macho.


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Ben came late into the project, after Al Pacino's sudden departure from the movie. Most of the interviews that the Peruvian American actor has giving to promote the movie have centered around how hard it is for an actor to try to get into the work that a colleage was doing before. I imagine it's a million times harder when you are talking about one of the most admired actors of all times.

"Al Pacino is brilliant. He is one of my heroes so I did not want to mess it up," explained Ben to the YouTube channel Hit Fix. "I tried to emulate him and that didn't work," he said. "So I just had to do my own take on it". And to judge by the results, he had a great time doing it. Eduardo has got "a larger than life personality, very, very Latin in the sense that he's exuberant, quick to hug and to laugh and, of course, to dance," he said to Contact Music. "I share qualities with Eduardo, not on that scale of course, but I have a zest for life, I fancy."

He also doesn't share the expanding waistline of the thining hair of his animated character. Yeah not at all--I still can't get over the cancellation of Privace Practice, where I used to get my weekly dose of Ben Bratt every week. Another reason propelling me to go and watch the movie tomorrow: At least I get to hear his voice. Of course, the kids think that I'm a cool mom for having bought the tickets already. 



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