It's no secret that I am a True Blood fan. I look forward to Sunday, bloody Sundays, so I can watch and then gossip all about it with you. I have to say that True Blood, season 6, episode 3, entitled, "You're No Good" kinda sucked and not in a good sexy vampire way, but in a left me totally underwhelmed way.

Really, it was kind of boring and I'm not even really sure where to start with the recap, but I suppose Eric hopping into a coffin with Willa, Governor Burrell's daughter, is as good a place as any. You see, Eric is determined to get that vampire hating governor and figures that taking his daughter is a good way to do it.

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Willa's getting ready for bed and isn't wearing her vampire glamour-gaze deflecting contacts when Eric persuades her to invite him in. She's as good as dead, but trades valuable information in exchange for her life and Eric holds on to her as collateral. Not to mention she's obviously hot for vampires and particularly on fire for Eric.

What else in bullet points:

  • We find out that the government has set up concentration camps for vamps. We see Newlin being held in one and we also get to see his ex-wife return.
  • Warlow massacres the faeries at that cool faerie club. We don't see this happen, we just see the results of the massacre.
  • Sookie finds out that Warlow wants her in particular because she's got royal faerie blood in those delectable veins of hers.
  • Hot faerie Ben is back and gets recruited by Faerie King, aka Grandpa Niall to repay Sookie's kindness to him by helping to find and fight Warlow.
  • Bill(eth) thinks that he can handle the sun now because he's a bad-ass Lilleth prodigy. He stands in the sun and goes up in flames. Ouch! He recruits Jess to dress slutty so that she can lure a professor who may be able to synthesize Sookie's blood.
  • Sookie, tells Bill(eth) there is no way she's going to give him her blood to synthesize and he throws a hissy fit and tells her that in that case, she is dead to him.
  • Poor Andy catches Bill breaking curfew and during their exchange Bill finds out that Andy has kids and seems to know they have some good faerie blood that could possibly be synthesized.
  • Alcide is still refusing to give Emma back to Sam, but Sam finds a way to get her and they make a run for it.

There's other stuff, but I'm done. This episode was full of too many details and not enough bloody substance. I think it jinxed itself with the title, "You're No Good."

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Add Comment Do you think Bill still has feellings for Sookie or that she's really dead to him?
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Add Comment Do you think Bill still has feellings for Sookie or that she's really dead to him?

I love when Eric gets mad his accent comes out. That's pretty much all I liked about this episode. I'm hoping it was a set-up for an exciting episode next week.

I hate that Sookie and Jason call their grandpa NILE as opposed to the exotic way I imagined it was pronounced NEEALL.

I think the funny little moments of Andy and his daughters are hilarious. They are so going to run-amuck (I least I hope so.)

It was pretty cool to see the new dynamixc between Steve and Sarah. I really dig him as a vampire.



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