'I Love Jenni' recap: Valentine's Day without Jenni

Tonight's episode of I Love Jenni was bitter sweet. It's the first Valentine's Day without Jenni and not everyone is in the mood to celebrate, Rosie especially. Single Chiquis takes a motherly role and goes out of her way to make sure everyone enjoys the holiday, but it still isn't the same without Jenni there.


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The episode begins with Abel asking Chiquis and Jacqui for advice on what to do for their tia Rosie for Valentine's Day. Abel goes all out every year but seems to be fresh out of ideas this time around. Jacquis suggests playing guitar naked, Chiquis tells him to sing to her while she's in the shower, but he decides to just figure it out himself. Meanwhile Rosie isn't really in the Valentine's Day mood now that Jenni isn't around. Apparently Jenni used to surprise them all every year with cards and heart candies and things just aren't the same anymore.

The couples all decide to make plans. Jacqui has special dinner plans with her husband. And Mikey is taking out his girl Andrea. Abel finally convinces Rosie to take her out even though they were stuck bringing Mikey's baby girl with them since they agreed to babysit. But Chiquis decides to stay home and make everyone customized Valentine's Day baskets. Her friend Gerald stops by to wish her Happy Valentine's and see how she's doing. "It's hard because it's just hard …I miss her," she says regarding her mom. She starts to talk about the beautiful flowers Jenni got her last year for Valentine's Day. And how it's difficult because it's not the only holiday she's going to be spending without her mother.

Meanwhile Abel and Rosie are on their dinner date and they brought Mikey's daughter Luna along with them. Mikey and his girl are at a glow in the dark miniature golf spot and wind up bumping into Jacqui and her husband. It becomes a double date Valentine's Date. In the end the family all comes together and Rosie talks about how she's so blessed to receive all this love from her husband, daughter and amazing family.

As difficult as they all anticipated this day being, everyone seemed to be doing okay. The love and support they give each other as a family has really helped everyone slowly heal. Healing takes time and Jenni will always live in their hearts forever.

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