I don't know another person who faced as much adversity as Jenni Rivera did in her tragically short life. You can't say she was always graceful--her style was more upfront and in-your-face--but she always managed to get right back up, stronger than before.

She tried to always do the right thing and to be fair, even with her enemies. Many people tried to put her down, but it never worked. A plane crash may have taken her life, but it still hasn't managed to silence her. Her legacy and resilience still helps countless Latinas going through a rough patch. Here are some of her best quotes, given during interviews and her reality show I Love Jenni. They are so inspiring!



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About hard times

-No Soy Victima, soy Sobreviviente -  El Gordo y La Flaca Oct, 2012

-I am a woman like any other and ugly things happen to me like any other women. At the press conference in México before boarding the plane that took her to her death. Dec 8, 2012

 -They had left me for dead...but GOD gave me CPR...he said i wasnt done yet, Twitter,  June 2011

- The thing is not how many times you fall, but how you get up after every fall. I have NEVER stayed flat down looking up. It's just not me. Twitter vía TwitLonger, April 2011

About being famous

-Being famous isn't always fun...being popular is always a blessing. Twitter June 2011

.My ass is big because a lot of people have to kiss it..Twitter April 2011

About her fans

-God created me, my parents conceived me, but my fans MADE me. I am eternally grateful. I love Jenni, first season.

About her career

- I am simply a woman that has proven that you don't have to be a size two to be successful in the music industry. Billboard Conference, 2012

-My goal was that when they heard my music people wouldn't just turn their heads...I wanted them to break their necks. Billboard Conference, 2012

About life

-When somebody elses happiness makes you happy, it means you are a person with a big heart. Twitter, Feb 2012

-When I was a young girl, a boy grabbed my butt and I punched him in the mouth. Since then, I've defended myself every time I feel I'm being attacked. Interview Mun2

-Being a mother by far is my favorite and most important career. Parade magazine, August 2012

-I can't get caught up in the negative because that destroys you, At the press conference in México before boarding the plane that took her to her death. Dec 8, 2012

About life as an immigrant

If I had the opportunity to speak to a young immigrant girl that just arrived to the U.S. the advice I would have for her would be: ask, speak, search; because there are opportunities out there. And, know that you aren't the only immigrant or the last to come to this country. Many that have come before you have succeeded. It is possible. Interview with the Immigrant Archive Project

Imagen via Mun2

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