If you love seeing Danny Trejo in action movies, then you're about to have a huge laugh when you see him in his latest project. Trejo lip syncs to the song "Everybody Knows (Douchebag)" by Dustin Tavella in this hilarious video spoof which has some surprise guest stars all in tow. The video starts out with a girl whose boyfriend (played by Tavella) is a total jerk and blows her off.

Well, Trejo was on hand to deliver the message that well, her boyfriend is a douchebag and to teach him a lesson! 

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In the video, Trejo's tough exterior is softened by the high-pitched singer's voice, which only adds to the hilarity. The whole video takes place in what's supposed to be a Mexican restaurant and a guy (the douche) is on a date with his girlfriend. Little does she know he's cheating on her and when he leaves for the bathroom, that's when Trejo and his waitstaff come in. But not without a little song and dance! 

Trejo does a great job keeping a straight face and lip-syncing to the song as the whole scene explodes into a choreographed dance behind him. If you recall a couple of months ago we saw a video Selena Gomez leaked where she was dancing to this same song with her friends. It turns out they were practicing for this project! It was a funny coincidence as Gomez also makes an appearance along with her friend actress, Francia Raisa.

The best part is at the end when Trejo gives the douchebag a piece of his mind. And if you've watched him in films, you know that he is a man of a few words, so his reaction is priceless.

Check out the spoof below and I don't know about you, but I vouch that Danny Trejo appear in all music videos after this masterpiece!

Image via YouTube

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