Demi Lovato speaks out about her dad's death & the project he inspired (VIDEO)

After Demi Lovato's biological father, Patrick Lovato, passed away last weekend, we could only imagine how hard this must be for her. The 20-year-old pop singer made an appearance on Good Morning America to speak out for the first time on her dad's death and a project that he inspired her to begin.

Demi once again proved what an amazingly resilient young woman she is!


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Although it's been known that Demi and her father didn't have the best relationship, she says at the end of the day he was still her father. Demi told Robin Roberts during the appearance that she's been doing okay dealing with her loss, but is taking action instead of moping around.

Demi revealed that she believes that everything happens for a reason and that he inspired her to create the Demi Lovato Scholarship program intended to help those with mental illness, which her father suffered from. The scholarship would pay for the student's treatment, and assist them with any of their needs.

Demi herself knows what its like to battle a mental illness and has recouped well all while in the spotlight. She didn't forget to thank her fans during the interview because as she puts it they'd been there for her through her darker times. Demi had tweeted throughout the week how much she missed her dad and how humbled she's felt that all her fans have been supportive. In fact, she says that their words and messages are enough to help her get through this tragedy.

I can't imagine what its like to lose a parent at such a young age, especially in the spotlight. Demi has proven to be a real trooper during all the incidents she's gone through with the cameras all on her. I think her new program is amazing and perfect to help those with mental illnesses. A lot of times they feel left out in society and this may be the key to helping them fit in. Our thoughts are with Demi and her family during this hard time and we wish them all the best.   

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