Was Jenni Rivera unfaithful to Esteban Loaiza?!

Jenni Rivera's ex Esteban Loaiza is suffering the fury of his deceased wife's family after his ex-girlfriend Kelia Ponce made scandalous remarks about the late Diva de la Banda. Ponce maintains that Jenni and Esteban's divorce was due to Jenni's infidelity and the fact that she had a lover.

"He found out through a video he was shown, that's what he told me," Ponce revealed during a shocking interview on Univision gossip talk show El Gordo y la Flaca. How much of this is true? And how is the family taking this?


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Jenni's mom Doña Rosa Saavedra wasn't able to contain her fury and reacted to Ponce's declarations. "All these women mean nothing to me," she said in a statement. "They, of course, are making up the fights. If they want to use Jenni Rivera's name and they feel okay about it, well then God bless them. They have to hang on to something that will give them fruits [money]."

Doña Rosa also took to her Twitter account to comment some more: "Hopefully she'll go back to her job of fichera [prostitute], I mean, restaurant waitress," she wrote furious about the accusations against her deceased daughter.

Jenni's sister Rosie came out in her big sister's defense too, and she also took to Twitter to express her anger: "My sister @jennirivera was never unfaithful to Esteban. I don't know who the lie came from, and althought it infuriates me and hurts me, it doesn't worry me because GOD will take care of them. The list of people that God will deal with for hurting @jennirivera and her kids is growing every day."

Don Pedro Rivera, Jenni's father, met Ponce during a Mexican singing competition in which he was a judge and she was a contestant. He told People en Español that if his daughter was the girlfriend or lover of someone else besides her husband, well then that was her business. "Tú eres dueño de tu cuerpo y haces con él lo que quieras", he said.

I hope Jenni's family can continue with their lives and put to rest all the vultures who want to keep in the spotlight or making money off her death. Although it's hard to keep hearing chismes about someone who can't defend themselves anymore, like Jenni, it's natural for the family to become infurated with all the negativity. I just hope they can overcome all this without paying attention to baseless rumors.

Image via Jenni Rivera/ Tumblr

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