Mariah Carey has hilarious wardrobe malfunction on live TV! (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey had a pretty embarrassing moment on Good Morning America this morning. For starters she accidently cursed live on air and to top that off had a pretty disastrous wardrobe malfunction that was actually kind of painful to watch. Poor Mariah!


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The American Idol judge was taping in Central Park and in the middle of telling Laura that she's "never up at this hour," when all of a sudden the back of her pink gold Versace dress began to unzip. "Oh shoot, now the back of my dress just popped," she said live on TV. "I love you Donatella, but it popped." Mariah and Laura tried to keep their cool during the extremely awkward situation as helpers rushed over to try to zip her back up. But it just continued to get even more uncomfortable as her boobs began to spill out of her dress. "I'll just hold them up the hold time!" she said laughing. Thank God Laura cut to a commercial break, because I don't know how much more of that awkwardness I could have handled.

Apparently when she returned she was a wearing an entirely different pink dress as she welcomed Miguel to the stage for their duet performance. She sang a few of her classic hits, like "Always Be My Baby," but it was awkward because she seemed to have some issues getting the mic to clip to her dress. She wound up just strangely and uncomfortably holding it in her hand throughout the rest of the performance. And just when things couldn't get much worse, she says, "Oh s**t! You didn't hear that live on TV." What a mess!

I guess today just wasn't Mariah's day. Everything just seemed to be going wrong for her and it was all so mortifying. These celebs should really walk around with some backup tools in case of a wardrobe malfunction because they seem to experience them like all the time!

Image via YouTube

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