Kim Kardashian is still crying over her pregnancy weight & I'm SO over it!

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of getting tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian stressing over her pregnancy body. A sneak peek trailer from Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 8 shows Kim freaking out over her baby weight. In one scene she even goes on to ask herself, "How the f*** did I get like this?" Seriously? Obviously she got bigger because she had sex with baby daddy, Kanye West, and then got PREGNANT!

This isn't rocket science. Even though this episode was shot a few months ago, Kim's attitude towards her pregnancy really hasn't changed. It's crazy because she's only a few months away from her due date and still hasn't embraced her pregnancy. Does anyone else out there find this kind of strange?


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In one scene Kim shows off her bare bump wearing nothing but a white bathrobe, a pulled up white tank , and black underwear. She can't stop looking at her belly and she can't get over how big she's gotten. She goes on and on, ranting about her body and at one point even breaks down in tears.

I get that pregnancy is a huge transition, but Kim hasn't even given herself a second to enjoy it. She hasn't had the easiest pregnancy, I can tell you that much. The girl has struggled with everything from hard core swelling, to pain, and almost having a miscarriage. But even so, I really think she's been allowing her weight gain to get the best of her.

To be honest, it's been all too obvious how unhappy Kim has been with her pregnancy curves. Since day one she' s been trying to slip into outfits that conceal her baby bump. And even though I do feel bad for all the constant criticism she has been receiving, she's still her own worst critic.

Her June 2 baby bash is only a few weeks away and I'm hoping that has Kim in a better mood. She has custom made music-box baby invitations for crying out loud! That even feature a ballerina that looks JUST like her and a Kanye West tune. Honestly, what more could she ask for at this point?

In just two months she's going to be welcoming a baby (I'm guessing a girl) into this world, so she needs to just relax and enjoy the rest of her pregnancy before it's over. Come on now!

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