Watching these little kids jam out in their carseats will make your day (VIDEO)

We all already know that there's pretty much nothing cuter than watching little kids rock out to their favorite tunes ... except, perhaps, when they're rocking out in their car seats! Lucky for us, a lot of parents feel the same way and have been able to capture those adorable moments on camera, which can be seen in the HILARIOUS compilation below.

The super cute 2-minute clip mashes together some of the best and funniest car-seat dances to ever be posted on YouTube. And trust me, watching it will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day in no time.  


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From the hysterical little girl who wakes up and starts flailing like a madwoman the second she hears "Gangnam Style" to the toddler who waves her hands to the tune of Gotye's "Somebody I Used to Know," all of the kids in this video definitely have their own personal style, not to mention, some pretty impressive moves.

My personal favorite though? The little guy around 0:15 who literally made me laugh out loud with his rapping. Seriously, he might not know all the words too well, but that kid has rhythm. I predict stardom in his future!

Watch the rest of the hilarious compilation below:  

Image via YouTube

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