Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull release sexy "Live It Up" music video & now I seriously want to party! (VIDEO)

Let's talk about how AH-MAZING Jennifer Lopez looks in the newly released music video for her single, "Live It Up" featuring Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull. The 43-year-old looks better than ever showing off an incredibly toned figure that has me wanting to hit the gym like ASAP! I swear this woman is like a bottle of fine wine, she just gets better and better with age.


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The video opens up with J.Lo prepping up for a fashion show backstage wearing what looks like a Black Swan inspired couture number. The diva fiercely hits the runway, meanwhile Pitbull is in the beaches of Miami surrounded by beautiful women (like always) and wrapping lyrics like,  "Hi Jenny, mira que esta loco/Yo me locomo como pastelitos de coco."

Before you know it Jennifer is going back and fourth from the runway show to Miami beach and even soaring through trampolines. It definitely helps that the is song crazy catching. Another typical J.Lo and Pitbull club banger, only this one really makes me start thinking about summer. In fact, the more I listen to it the less I think about my problems. It literally makes you want to just hit up a party, celebrate, and live life to the fullest, hence the chorus lyrics, "Oh, we can do anything we want/ Live it up, so live it up, live it up, go/ Oh, and we ain't stoppin' til we're done/ Live it up, so live it up, live it up/ Go, go, go."

Seriously, these two should just always make music  together. They're both sexy and  every time they collaborate on a song it turns into a definite hit. Who can forget "On The Floor?" I had the song on repeat for months. But it looks like "Live it Up" is going to be my jam this summer. Check out the feel good video below! Warning: This video may provoke instant dance urges.

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