'I Love Jenni' recap: Jenni Rivera's fateful last tour

Tonight's episode of I Love Jenni practically left me in tears. The further in we get into the season the sadder the episodes become. The episode documents Jenni Rivera's final days as she prepares for her huge concert in Monterrey Arena in Mexico. It revealed how optimistic and joyful Jenni seemed to be in her last hours. Even after a tragic divorce with ex-husband Esteban Loaiza and an unfortunate fallout with her oldest daughter, Chiquis, the Diva de la Banda still managed to keep her spirits high.


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Once again, Jenni is late to her radio show, Contacto Directo Con Jenni. But this time Rosie is betting on it: Rosie and the show's host decide to bet on whether or not Jenni will ever make it on time to her own show. And if she does, Rosie agrees to name her baby Damian. Jenni finally arrives and even makes jokes about how she's been arriving late because her divorce has been affecting her. She says it in such a joking way, you really get the sense that she's finally moving on.

Jenni gets her brother Lupillo on the line and it's a pretty emotional conversation. The two had been estranged for years after a huge family disagreement. But after Jenni had announced her divorce from Esteban, Lupillo finally reached out to her. Jenni talks on the show about how much their reconciliation really meant to her. I couldn't help but think how fortunate this man was to make up with his sister before her death. It's so devastating that her daughter Chiquis was never given that same opportunity.

While Rosie is preparing for her big extravagant Christmas play, Jenni is preparing for her huge Monterrey concert. She's at her tour rehearsal with her band and she looks happier than ever. They finally get there and Jenni is amazed at the size of the arena that was set to fit a record-breaking 75,000 people. They start a sound check and I was immediately touched as she began to sing "Amiga Si Lo Ves," one of Jenni's saddest love songs.

To think that after this concert Jenni and her crew flew out on a private jet that eventually ended in an extremely fateful night. What really breaks my heart is the fact that the hours before her death, Jenni really seemed to be at peace with her life. Of course the divorce still had its effect, but she was slowly moving on from it and transforming back into her joyous self. It's so sad and unfair that she had to die just when things were finally starting to turn around for her.

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