William Levy, William Levy, William Levy, let me count the ways we LOVE William Levy. This gorgeous Cuban import is the epitome of the perfect man--in our eyes at least--and he's landed on the most recent cover of Latina magazine's Hot Guys June/July issue. Our amigas over at Latina were generous enough to leak the 411 and some exclusive yummy pictures, only for our MamásLatinas moms. Read on, we can't wait to share everything with you!

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In the interview, Levy displays a generous and humble soul that makes us swoon even more. He speaks of the culture shock he experienced when he moved to the United States from Cuba and confesses to teaching his son about the importance of giving back to the community. Could this man be any more perfect?!

The hot telenovela actor and Dancing with the Stars runner up knows of his impact on Latin Hollywood and makes mention that he takes his job VERY seriously and loves his fans. "All those mothers, grandmothers and muchachitas who watch me in the novelas and show me love on a daily basis, I can't forget about them. I have to work hard for them." And that's not all, Levy is set to star in his first English-speaking roles in 2014 for Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club and Addicted. The U.S. is about to get a taste of a man that not even Brad Pitt can measure up to!

Lucky for you (and us too!), we've also snagged some EXCLUSIVE outtakes of William's Latina photo shoot. And to get more of your William Levy fill, check out more pictures and details here!

 Image via Latina magazine

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William Levy covers Latina magazine + a gallery of hotness!

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Image via Latina

William Levy on balcony

We can picture William Levy singing serenatas or reading us romantic poetry from this balcony...

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Hotness Geiger: Perfect and Sexy William Levy is definitely an incredibly good-looking, attractive, and sexy man. This Godlike perfect creation has a towering, confident, and commanding presence along with a very muscular, broad shouldered Adonis body. This Beautiful man is the epitome of male beauty and embodies the complete fantasy male. William has something very special, unique, and magnetic about him. William not only has the ability to mesmerize you with his physical characteristics and sex appeal, but to spellbind and captivate you with the most beautiful, and inviting smile. You can see William Levy's distinctive aura and magnetic personality in all of his commercials. It is undeniable that William Levy will likely be Hollywood's next most bankable actor.
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