Wise 10-year-old boy teaches college guys how to treat women right! (VIDEO)

Any guys out there looking for tips on win over a woman's heart? Well, 10-year-old Cole Cowlin can definitely help you out. In this adorably hilarious video, Cowlin calls out men, particularly those in college, for not behaving like gentlemen and decides to take it upon himself to show them how to treat a woman right.

"I can teach you how to be the most suave, romantic, George Clooney-est guy out there," he says. So how does he do it?


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As can be seen in the clip below, Cowlin warns guys to change their ways before ending up like a Bruno Mars song. His suggestions? "Be thoughtful, take her out," "make sure to take the time to talk for her," and "don't forget the little things," like pulling out her chair. Most importantly, Cowlin tells men to not just "be a nice date," but also be a "nice guy."  He exemplifies this by impressing girls all over the University of Missouri campus, giving them roses and sweet compliments.  

Haha, aww, how cute is that?!  He's right--some guys really do need help in the love department. And I can't say I disagree with Cowlin's methods! Hey, I know my heart melted a little watching this clip!

Watch Cowlin dispel his words of wisdom below. I guarantee it's sure to make you smile!

Image via YouTube

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