'Modern Family' Recap: The parents prove that lying is not always a bad thing

In tonight's Modern Family, Lily loses her first tooth, but the Tooth Fairy is a little more generous than Mitchell and Cameron expected. Meanwhile, Phil is speaking at career day at Luke's school and it doesn't go as planned.

He loses it when his arch nemesis, Gil Thorpe not only takes over his presentation and embarrasses him, but then he gets Claire involved too...


Meanwhile in the Pritchett household, Jay decides he wants to take up his love for writing and start on the novel he said he wanted to write before he met Gloria. However, Gloria challenges him when she is insulted when his excuse for not writing it is because "life got in the way."

Cam and Mitchell realize they made a big mistake when rewarding Lily's lost tooth by giving her a $100 bill instead of a dollar. The rest of the episode focuses on them trying to convince Lily that the Tooth Fairy wants her money back but she refuses. They want to teach Lily a lesson and bring Hayley into the mix dressed as the Tooth Fairy. Although the parents struggle to get Lily to turn over the money, Hayley manipulates the situation and convinces Lily to give back the money because Santa won't bring her gifts for being naughty.

At Luke's career day Phil shows up pumped to show off his real estate agent skills, but his rival Gil Thorpe interrupts, embarrases him, and takes over his routine. Claire also speaks at career day but loses her cool when a student calls her out on her unfulfilled career. Gil Thorpe offers Claire a job when he sees how unhappy she is with her life, but she's hesitant because he's Phil's competitor.

However, she decides to take it and Phil decides to suck it up despite hating gil. although Claire tries convincing Phil that Gil hired her for her skills, Phil is skeptical and eventually she learns he is right and quits.

Gloria leaves Jay alone for a whole day to complete his novel but he has no idea where to begin until Manny cuts in and writes a masterpiece. He tries lieing and passing it off as his work when Gloria reads it but she catches him knowing that Manny did the work.

It was funny seeing Hayley use her lieing skills to convince Lily to do the right thing, which in a strange way proves she has innate parenting skills. And the fact that Claire misses working makes me wonder if in future episodes she will get a new job. I guess we'll have to wait and see but I can't wait to see how her situation turns out.

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