Sofia Vergara talks baby, wedding, & her horrible cancer scare!

Sofia Vergara on the cover of CosmoOh Sofia, Sofia, Sofia Vergara. Sexy Sofia, sultry sofia, seductive Sofia, superstar Sofia. Sofia Vergara, love her or hate her for what some consider comic genius and others condemn as stereotypical pandering in her role as as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in Modern Family, she is the highest paid woman on series TV. Seeing Sofia on the cover of the June issue of Cosmopolitan just might leave you feeling that this is going to be the summer of Sofia. At the risk of once again overusing anything related to heat in describing  Ms. Vergara: the woman is on fire.

Sofia talks to Cosmo about wedding plans, baby plans, making money, and even what she wear to bed. If I had that body, I'd be wearing next to nothing in bed. Seems cruel to cover it all up. Ha!


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So qué onda with Sofia? Pues, here's what I gathered.

  • She's getting married to Nick Loeb a 37-year-old business man who sells a crispy fried-onion condiment called Onion Crunch, he's sometimes referred to as the "Onion Crunch King."  They've both been married before in BIG weddings so this time around (when the time comes, which is not right away) they are going for something smaller. 
  • She froze her eggs. She's 40, has an adult son, she's had thyroid cancer and radiation, and she works all the time, which means a surrogate is a strong possibility.
  • She wears silk Japanese robes to bed. Whatever, she could wear a potato sack to bed and I don't think her betrothed would kick her out of bed.
  • She likes making money so she'll always keep working. Can't argue with that reasoning. 

Sofia, I wish you much happiness in your relationship and continued success even when you are a 109 years old and people are saying, "Remember when everyone thought Sofia Vergara was so sexy?"

Image via Cosmopolitan

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