Michael Jordan's new wife Yvette Prieto: 10 Things you should know about the gorgeous Cuban

Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan and his long-term Cuban girlfriend, Yvette Prieto finally tied the knot! The two had a HUGE, extravagant wedding ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida this past Saturday that sounds like something out of a fairy tale. I'm talking 500 people just at the church ceremony and around 2,000 people attended the reception which was held in massive tents (that were approximately 40,000 square feet) at the Bears Club in Jupiter, Florida. In fact, his wedding was so enormous he actually broke the record for largest outdoor tent. Wow! Jordan must really love Yvette ... and with good reason too. Check out a few things you probably didn't know about the new Mrs. Jordan!


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1. She was born in Cuba: Prieto was actually born in Cuba but was raised in Miami, Florida. She lived many years on Euclid Avenue in the South Beach area.

2. She's a model: She started off modeling in commercials and doing bikini shoots for calendars. Her most recent gigs have been for high-fashion designers like Alexander Wang.

3. She dated Julio Iglesias Jr.:  Not Enrique Iglesias, his older brother Julio. And it must have been good while it lasted because Julio had nothing but good things to say about her. "She's a fantastic girl and I like her. Aside from her beauty, which is obvious, she is loving, simple and a very good person," according to one source.

4. She's been dating Michael Jordan since 2008: According to the Urban Daily, Jordan and Prieto first met at a "freak dancing not-so-sexy club" in Miami, Florida. What that means exactly, I'm not sure. But hey I'm not judging either.

5. She's been living with Jordan in Florida: The two moved into a modest, 5, 500 square foot home in Kendall, Florida that they purchased together back in 2009. They only paid $300,000 for it. I guess Julio Iglesias Jr. wasn't kidding when he said the Cuban model was simple. At least we know she's definitely not with Jordan for his money!

6. She struggled financially: Prieto had to file for bankruptcy in 2002 and according to reports, it took her about 2 years to get her finances in order.

7. She's only 34:  She's more than 15 years younger than Jordan who turned 50 this past February. I guess he likes them young.

8. She went to college: She may be a model, but she definitely has some brains on her. Prieto went to school to study business management then worked for her father's company. She pursued modeling after realizing that business wasn't for her.

9. She used to be a Republican: According to Fox News, Prieto was originally registered as a Republican. She eventually changed her affiliation to Independent.

10. She's Jordan's second wife: Jordan was first married to Juanita Vanoy, who is part Spanish and the mother of his two sons and daughter. They were together for 17 years before divorcing in 2006. He proposed to Prieto in December 2011.

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