5 Babies who were born to dance (VIDEOS)

Few things are cuter than watching little kids dance to their favorite tunes. That's why I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw the video of these twin babies grooving alongside a music-playing toy monkey. The song that made them bust out some moves? Ke$ha's "Tick Tock!"

As can be seen in the hilarious clip below, the twins start dancing as soon as the music starts playing. But my favorite part is when the song abruptly stops and the two look at each other in confusion before letting out an adorable little "Uh-oh!" When the music kicks back on, the smiles instantly return to their faces and they start dancing happily again. Haha, how cute is that?! Watching them, it's pretty much impossible not to smile.

And they're not the only ones with impressive moves! Check them out below, along with 4 other babies who were clearly born to dance:


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1. Twin babies dance along to Ke$ha.

2. 9-month-old baby loves dancing to Trey Songz!

3. An awesome baby rushes the stage at his dad's concert and totally steals the show with his dance moves!

4. This baby can't help but jam out to Britney Spears--and I don't blame her. Britney always get me dancing too!

5. Beyonce's "Single Ladies" gets this baby up and moving!

Image via YouTube

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