Kids can sometimes do odd inexplicable things--which is why I cracked up when I saw these images titled: "Kids are pretty much just tiny drunk adults." We've all been there when we've had a little too much to drink and act irrationally or just plain bizarre. And if you think about it kids do too! Obviously their reasons are MUCH different than adults who have drank a lot, but there are many parallels between us.

Heck, even as a sober adult, I'll do silly things that children are more inclined to do. I can't even begin to tell you which of these images is the funniest of them all. It's up to you to decide!

By this point in your life you've probably witnessed little ones tripping over their feet as they try to master walking (same with a drunk person), or seen a child pee himself (not unusual to see a drunk person do this either). Funny or as gross as it may be, kids do have plenty in common with drunk adults. Who else would lack coordination so badly?!

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Without further ado, check out these hilarious images, showcasing these "little drunk adults." Don't forget to tell us your favorite!  

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7 ways babies are sort of like drunk adults

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Drunk face

This is pretty self-explanatory since every drunken person has a picture like this one out there. Don't believe me? Look over your Facebook pictures!


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