Is Eva Longoria really living with two men?

Unfortunately, Eva Longoria's new NBC show, Ready for Love, turned out to be a big, fat flop. The show was canceled after only two episodes. But that hasn't kept the Desperate Housewives actress down: Rumor has it she might be dating one of the handsome bachelors that were picked for the show. And it gets even more scandalous than that: According to TMZ, she has not one, but two of the former male contestants now living in her home. Could this really be for real?


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TMZ has reported that Longoria has been seen around Los Angeles with both Ready for Love bachelors Ernesto Argüello and Tim Lopez. But it's Ernesto that everyone thinks she's actually dating. She was spotted with him last Tuesday night dining at her Beso restaurant in Hollywood and on a number of other occasions. The rumors only continued after the two were seen going for a drive in her Bentley convertible on Sunday and supposedly Ernesto and Tim have been frequently crashing at her house whenever they are in town. Eva doesn't seem to be appreciating the rumors because she quickly took to Twitter to deny them.

"Oh Lord! Now I have 2 new roommates @pwts_tim and @ernestoarugello?? Why not just say @Ben_Patton too? #DumbTabloids," she tweeted.

While I do think there might be a chance she's dating Ernesto, I highly doubt that he and Tim are actually living at Eva's home. She's probably just a really nice host that's allowing them to stay whenever they're in Los Angeles and I really don't see the fault in that. I also don't see the problem with her dating Ernesto if that really is the case. They met on the show, clearly hit it off, and they're both looking for love--so, what's the big deal? Not to mention, the guy is pretty freaking hot. So who could blame the girl?

Anyhow, everyone needs to just get off Eva's back and let her be. Her show got canceled and that's pretty stressful in and of itself. So if she wants to take her stress out by surrounded herself with sexy looking men that's fine by me. Come on now, the chick is single and ready mingle, so let her do her thing!

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