Shakira narrowly avoids sex tape release, but has to pay almost a quarter million to keep it under wraps

Poor Shakira keeps finding herself in a whole bunch of lawsuits. First she was sued by her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rúa for $100 million last year, and now two former employees have not only tried to sue her for $250,000 each, but they also threatened to release a sex tape of her if she didn't pay up. Geez! Can a girl cut a break?


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According to TV Notas, Shaki's former employees, Divier Hernández and Maritza de Avila, claimed that she owed them money after having worked long hours that they were never paid for. They went on to claim that The Voice judge allegedly fired them for no reason, and took a step further by threatening to release a sex tape they claimed they had of Shakira and Piqué having oral sex. How they recorded that is beyond me and kind of disturbing, no?

The is being seen in front of courts in Barcelona, Spain where as we all know, Shaki lives with boyfriend, Gerard Piqué and their baby, Milan. The good news is that Shakira wound up winning the case. The bad news is she still has to pay $264,000 to her former employees, according to Fox News Latino; they were originally asking for $250,000 each.

First of all, it's really hard for me to believe that Shakira just fired them for no apparent reason. There's was obviously something that went down that lead her to make that decision. Secondly, I really hope there really isn't a sex tape of her and Piqué, because that would mean that her employees deliberately taped them and that's just straight up pathetic. Who the heck does that? Then again, it looks like people would do anything for her money, because her ex, Antonio de la Rúa did try suing her, claiming that he was the one responsible for her career success. Right, okay!

Hopefully now everyone will finally get out of Shakira's life and just let her be with her hot soccer star boyfriend and her gorgeous baby boy. The end.

UPDATE: While original reports were stating she had to pay $264,000, more reliable news sources are now saying it was actually 968 euros, which is about  $1,260. I'm just glad to hear she didn't have to pay that ridiculously high amount.

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