"I Love Jenni" recap: Chiquis finally makes an appearance, feels her family had forgotten her

Tonight's episode of I love Jenni, "Birthdaze" was definitely full of surprises. Jenni seems to be in high spirits and so does her younger sister, Rosie who apparently has some amazing news to share with her. After an ugly split with ex-husband Esteban Loiza and her eldest daughter, Chiquis, the good news was certainly what Jenni needed. But what really surprised me was an appearance by Chiquis herself. I have to say, I definitely wasn't expecting that!


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The episode beings with Jenni showing up to her radio show, Contacto Directo con Jenni . She goes on the show and warns listeners that she has some information and updates to share regarding her divorce to Esteban Loiza. An emotional Jenni goes on to explain that even though her marriage ended sadly, that she doesn't want her experience to have happened out of vain. Instead she wants to make good out of a bad situation and plans to donate her ring and use the money to help those who are less fortunate so that they could have a happy ending. Awww!

Jenni's sister Rosie couldn't believe how strong and self-less Jenni was being. And goes on to say in the interview how it's very like Jenni to try to use her negative experience for good. After the radio show ends, she goes on to tell Jenni that she's pregnant. Jenni begins to talk about how the happiest day of her life was literally her daughter Jacqui's wedding and how only 2 days later her life totally fell apart with the split. She wants to be there for her sister throughout her pregnancy, but at the same time wants the company, so she offers for her and her husband to move into Jacqui's old room. The two were both extremely excited about the idea.

Meanwhile, Jacqui is about to turn 23 and her husband really wants to throw her a huge fiesta for her birthday. But she's not really up for partying. After having a big wedding last year all she wants to do is take it easy with her little family.

Jenni's assistant, Yuli is helping her paint Jacqui's room to have it ready for Rosie and her husband. Even after promising Rosie she wouldn't tell anyone, she tells Yuli right away that Rosie is pregnant. Shortly after she tells Mikey too. Secrets don't stay secrets for long in the Rivera home. Rosie meets her husband for lunch and surprises him with a positive pregnancy test and the news of them temporarily moving into Jenni's mansion. But later after moving in he realizes that most of the family already knew about the pregnancy news that he wanted to be the one to announce. Pobrecito!

Jacqui's husband surprises her with a room full of balloons, decorations, and a birthday cake. She's so happy to be celebrating her birthday just with her husband and daughter. She suddenly gets a call from her older sister Chiquis wishing her a happy birthday. Jacquis expresses to Chiquis how much she loves her and how weird is it to not see her often. Chiquis is clearly keeping her distance because of the disbute she was having with Jenni. But it was definitely nice to see that she was still in touch with her siblings throughout that time.

You can't help but feel sad about the fact that Jenni and Chiquis went so long without talking. It was definitely a very emotional scene and it kind of made me feel for Chiquis. It makes me wish she would have had a chance to work things out with her mother before she passed away.So sad!

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